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    Design and Engineering
    As a part of our tolshed and manufacturing division we have in-house designing room with 3D CAD/CAM workplace connected via local area network to CNC machinery, quality division and manufacturing control. Our equipment makes possible processing and data transmission of file formats IGES, STP, STL, X_T, DXF, DWG.
    To the equipment of company designing room belongs feasibility of accurate 3D scanning of various models using our piezo-scanner with accuracy of 10-5 m. We can scan soft materials as well as e.g. plasticine, wax, fruit, fabrics, etc...
    At moulds and other products design we actively cooperate with our partners. We are capable to design and manufacture moulds (tools, mouldings) from rough description, roughcast, rough drawing, or after consumer´s ideas. We can manufacture according to the printed drawing, or exact documentation delivered to us on electronical data carrier.
    Company´s in-house 3D tool designroom can manage the construction of all types of tooling.
    Within the scope of modelling, using third party companies, we are able to provide 3D printing of models/artifacts - for the purpose of their testing procedure and/or other marketing activities.
    We provide continual advisory service for our consumers - in the field of design, application of materials, selection and utilization of moulds and tools, processing and utilization of plastic material,... Our Customers can contact us in relation to construction and installation of moulds and tools, as well as other questions in connection with their new projects.
    With our experience in plastics we are able to offer advise on polymer selection for new products and welcome being involved in the early component designs stages in order to achieve the best cost effect design for tool manufacture. We have also developed many metal replacements helping our Customers change from steel to plastic components thus making savings on product cost, transportation and having the added bonus of recycling benefits.
    Pilot Model Manufacturing
    According to needs of our Customers we design and manufacture prototype aluminium moulds appropriate not only for prototype production, but also for small-lot production of plastic goods.
    Using prototype tools is possible to examine procedures of different technologies, so to optimize parameters for series production of tools (other articles).
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