History - Targets - Objectives
Our company B&D INTEGRAL was established in the year 1992 like toolshed and manufacturing plant for metal products. In the year 1993 we have broadened our enginery about proper moulding plant of thermoplastics. We have longtime experience with manufacturing of more exacting and precise tools and moulds, other technological equipment and experience with processing of plastic materials - applying state of the art technological procedures guarantee to our partners high quality of our products developed and manufactured accurately in accordance with their needs.
We are specialized mainly on technological accessories. Our products find use almost in all significant areas of automotive and engineering industry, electrotechnics, furniture, energy, building industries, aircraft manufacturing,...
Experience and goodwill of our employees makes it possible to arise all needs of our business partners. Our machinery perform 7 days a week, what guarantees very prompt response on requirements of our Customers - including possibilities of continuous technical consultancy.
Executive right of way service of our company is engineering design and manufacturing of products in the way starting and testing procedures of new system projects (new products/goods) - so called start up project (development trends) management.
Company goals to the future are to cover as much as posible large part of supplier production cycle for automotive and electronical industry - from design in accordance with ideas of our Customers, trough manufacturing and testing of hand-tooled prototypes to serial production and assembly of moulded pieces and their components - supplied to our partners "Just in Time".
Our staff will absorb your product's specifications and in return give you the right information you need to enable you to make the right decision about your product feasibility, tooling, material selection, finish and packaging. The company offers complex production solution for Customer, from contract letting to testing and finding the best solution of problems.
We have the technical team and manufacturing facilities that you need to get your new project moving. Our team of skilled designers and programmers will meet your needs and solve any problems you may have in an efficient and professional manner.
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